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Catalog Number ACM210347561
Product Name F8T2
CAS Number 210347-56-1
Synonyms Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-bithiophene),Poly[(9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl)-co-bithiophene]
Description F8T2 is a fluorenated semiconducting polymer which can be used as a hole transporting layer with mobility of 0.02cm2 V-1s-1. It is highly stable in vacuum and UV based environment. Its liquid crystallinity allows it to form a self-ordered nanostructure on organic thin films.
Product Type Light-Emitting Polymers (LEPs)
Molecular Formula (C37H44S2)n(C8H9)2
Linear Formula (C37H44S2)n(C8H9)2
Application F8T2 can be majorly used in the fabrication of active layers for optoelectronics and energy based devices such as organic field effect transistors(OFETs), solar cells, light emitting diodes(LEDs) and electronic gas sensors.
Storage room temp

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