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Catalog Number ACM25322683-13
Product Name HO-PEG-OH
CAS Number 25322-68-3
Synonyms Polyethylene glycol
Appearance Crystalline solid or semi-solid
Storage -20°C, protected from light and moisture
Description Polyethylene glycol (PEGs) are prepared by polymerization of ethylene oxide. The degree of polymerization determines its molecular weight. It has a molecular structure of H-(O-CH2-CH2)n-OH. Polyethylene glycol are for chromatography, histology, microscopy and for special biochemical purposes.
Product Type Homobifunctional
CatalogPurityMW (10³)
ACM25322683-13-1 >90% 35
ACM25322683-13-2 >90% 10
ACM25322683-13-3 >90% 1
ACM25322683-13-4 >90% 20
ACM25322683-13-5 >90% 2
ACM25322683-13-6 >90% 3.4
ACM25322683-13-7 >90% 5
ACM25322683-13-8 >90% 0.6

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