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  • Custom Synthesis of Adsorptive Polymers

    custom-synthesis-of-adsorptive-polymers-pic1.png Polymer adsorbent material is a kind of material that can be temporarily or permanently bonded to the adsorbed components by means of physical attraction, coordination and electrostatic. The synthetic polymer adsorbent is heat resistant, radiation resistant, oxidation resistant, high strength, long life, insoluble and infusible under the use conditions, easy to recycle.

    Alfa Chemistry's main products

    As one of adsorbable polymer materials customization service providers, Alfa Chemistry adopts advanced R&D technology to customize adsorbable polymer materials. To provide customers with a wide range of high-quality Ionic, nonionic and adsorptive macroporous resins.

    Nonionic adsorption resin
    Absorbent polymer adsorbent
    Ionic adsorption resin
    Metal cation coordination type

    Application fields of adsorbent polymer materials

    Curing agent
    Extraction and separation
    Food decolorizing
    Water quality purification

    Alfa Chemistry's preparation technique

    • Suspension copolymerization
      • Free radical polymerization mechanism, often used in the production of adsorption resin preparation method.
      • Controlling polymerization reaction conditions, such as temperature, solvent, pore-forming agent, can get different physical structure of the adsorption resin.
    • Resin modified
      • The resin framework was modified to introduce functional groups with different properties to obtain adsorption resins with different properties.

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