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4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate
Catalog Number ACMA00006102
Product Name 4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate
Synonyms 4 arm-Polyethylene glycol-Methacrylate
Description The 4arm-PEG methacrylate can be used for radical initiator or UV light induced polymerization to synthesize PEG hydrogel. 4-Methoxyphenol or MeHQ at ~ 200 ppm is added as inhibitors.
Product Type 4-Arm PEG
Appearance White/Off-white solid or viscous liquid depends on molecular weight
Storage -20℃,protected from light and moisture
CatalogPurityMW (10³)
ACMA00006102-1 > 90% Substitution 20
ACMA00006102-2 > 90% Substitution 10
ACMA00006102-3 > 90% Substitution 5

  Please kindly noted that this product is for research use only.

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