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    Alfa Chemistry's service

    Surface Charge Measurement

    Alfa Chemistry provides customers with effective surface charge testing services. The scope of services includes but is not limited to:

    • Surface charge density determination of conductive materials
    • Determination of electret charge distribution
    • Inorganic colloid charge determination...

    Common determination methods

    • Dissectible capacitor:
      The size of the induced current is proportional to the surface charge density of the material.
    • Capacitive probe method:
      A removable probe was used instead of a flat electrode in the dissecting capacitance method.
    • ILaser induce pressure pulse (LIPP):
      A method for measuring electric charge distribution by piezoelectric effect.
    • Potentiometric titration:
      It is mainly used to analyze and determine the surface charge density of colloidal dispersed particles.

    Alfa Chemistry's advantages

    • ISO/IEC17025 international laboratory management system.
    • Fast cycle time and complete experimental programs.
    • Various testing instruments and high-level, professional and experienced technical team.

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