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  • Custom Synthesis of Photoactive Polymers

    Photoactive polymer material refers to the polymer material which can show some special physical or chemical properties under the action of light parameters.

    • Chemical changes occur after absorption of light energy, resulting in changes in the solubility of photopolymerization, photocrosslinking, photodegradation and other reactions.Photoresist and photosensitive coatings can be prepared.
    • The absorption of light energy produces physical changes, which can prepare photoconductive materials and fluorescent materials.
    • After absorbing light energy, the appearance size changes, and photosensitive materials can be prepared.
    • After absorbing light energy, the photochromic material can be prepared by changing the absorption wavelength through isomerization reaction.


    About Alfa Chemistry's services

    Alfa Chemistry is committed to the development and production of high quality photosensitive polymer, to provide customers with professional customized synthesis services. We have many years of R&D production experience, with advanced experimental equipment and professional R&D personnel. Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Custom synthesis of photosensitive coating prepolymer
    • Custom synthesis of photoresist polymers
    • Custom synthesis of photochromic polymers
    • Custom synthesis of photoconductive polymers
    • Custom synthesis of polymer fluorescent materials
    • Polymer properties improvement and structure optimization

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