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Catalog Number ACMA00006150
Product Name ACA-PEG-ACA
Synonyms Acrylamide-PEG-Acrylamide
Description Acrylamide-PEG-Acrylamide is a linear bifunctional crosslinking PEG reagent with two Acrylamide ( ACA ) groups that can be used for radical initiator induced polymerization or UV light sensitive photopolymerization. It is often used to form crosslinked polymer network and preapre PEG hydrogel. Instead of an ester linkage in PEG-Acrylate, PEG-Acrylamide has a more stable amide linker.
Product Type Homobifunctional
Appearance Crystalline solid or semi-solid
Storage -20°C, protected from light and moisture
CatalogPurityMW (10³)
ACMA00006150-1 >90% 10
ACMA00006150-2 >90% 1
ACMA00006150-3 >90% 20
ACMA00006150-4 >90% 2
ACMA00006150-5 >90% 3.4
ACMA00006150-6 >90% 35
ACMA00006150-7 >90% 5
ACMA00006150-8 >90% 0.6

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